Thursday 15 March 2012

Make With Me- Yogurt Dots

  • Flavoured yogurt of your choice

  • Ziplock/sandwich/etc bag

  • Baking/cookie sheet

To make:

  • Spoon yogurt into bag

  • cut the corner of the bag

  • Squeeze yogurt onto baking sheet, making small dots

  • Put the baking sheet in your freezer (roughly an hour)

  • Remove frozen dots from baking sheet 

  • Enjoy!

  1. Saw a picture of this recipe on Pinterest and from the picture figured out how to make it (yes, I know it would have been easier to click on the link).  
  2. The first time I made dots, I used cappuccino flavoured yogurt. The second time, I used different fruit flavoured yogurt. While the I still made individual dots (one flavour per dot), when serving I added the different flavours to the same bowl.   
  3. I have made a batch of yogurt dots and keep them stored in a plastic container in my freezer.
  4. They make the perfect snack!