Tuesday 27 March 2012

Hey! It's Ok

This idea was taken from Whispering Writer.

It's ok...

To recently discover that I love the show Dance Moms. Miss Abby is something else. Jill is crazy. Kelly and Christie are catty. Holly...I actually like her. And the one from Candy Apple? OMG...she seems like a cross between a cartoon character and some evil witch. I danced for years...and never encountered people like this. I love the show so much...I spent a good chunk of last night searching for and watching episodes online.

That Pinterest is my new vice. However, I am using Pinterest to organize an event for work...so it is super useful. And I've actually used some of the stuff that I've pinned- either later going back and buying clothes that I liked, making recipes and even DIY projects.

That today is (one of) my best friends birthday and I sent her a text right at midnight wishing her a happy birthday. I did this because 1. I didn't want to forget and 2. It was important to me to be one of the first people to wish her a happy birthday!

That I kind of hesitated when a Mary Kay rep offered to give me a free makeover. She came into our office to drop something off, we got to talking and she made the offer- wanting to book it on the spot. Nothing has been set yet. But it makes me wonder...do I look that bad? Also, makeovers making me nervous...I'm not sure that I can act appropriately when I see the results.

To be considering joining Twitter. I technically already have a Twitter- I set up and run my works Twitter account. But I was thinking today, maybe I should join and create a personal account. But I'm not sure I want to jump on the bandwagon. Or posting so much about myself.

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  1. One of my mom's friends works for Mary Kay, and she said that the consultants are advised to go around asking people if they want makeovers, so maybe the clients will see something they love, which makes it easier to sell products. Haha so don't worry, it's definitely not you!

    And I love looking at party ideas on Pinterest!