Wednesday 14 March 2012

Book, Song, Body

BOOK- Jackie Kennedy is one of my idols, she facinates me and has for years. For a few years, I had searched high and low for a copy of Jackie, Ethel, Joan: Women of Camelot. Roughly a year ago, I found it for Kindle and have read it several times since.

Prior to reading this book, I knew very little about Ethel or Joan and enjoyed that they both got as much 'page time' as Jackie. I enjoyed learning about them, as well as the relationships between the three sisters-in-law.

I love this book and know I will continue to re-read in the years to come. Highly recommended for anyone interested in Jackie Kennedy, the Kennedy family or even American history.

SONG- Another Country song this week...Canadian Girls by Dean Brody!

BODY- Last week I was at the store picking up some items, including a new toothbrush. I saw a pink toothbrush and I saw the yellow sale tag, so I grabbed it and threw it in my basket, not really paying any attention besides the fact it was on sale and pink.

I used the brush for a couple of days and I some how ended up pushing this little button and all of the sudden, the bristles started moving, like it was an electric toothbrush. I was intrigued. I went looking for the package and I realized that I had actually purchased Colgate Sonic toothbrush.

I brush my teeth a few times a day, so I use this brush a few times a day. I love this toothbrush! I love the sonic bristles (which does take some getting used to) and I love how clean my teeth fell after using.

Dental/oral care is important so I think it's worth it to invest in a good toothbrush. I think I've found my 'go to' tooth brush...that's something I never thought I'd say!

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