Wednesday 21 March 2012

Book, Song, Body

BOOK-  I spent the weekend at the beach (I should actually be there right's 82!) and I ended up reading:

I had heard a little bit about this book and ended up stumbling across it on Amzon for a fairly decent price. This book was hilarious. Babe Walker finds herself in rehab after spending over $200,000 on clothes, shoes, purses, etc. While in rehab, her issues get dubbed "White Girl Problems" with other rehab patients downplaying their legitamicy.

So, Babe decides to sit down and write out all of her problems, which would lead to her going to rehab. Problems include; her mother abandoning her when she's days old, comepeting with her best friend, dropping out of 5 colleges in 3 years and even her alter ego Babette.

While reading this book, I wasn't sure if I was reading a piece of fiction or not. This book is a memoir...and a great beach read!

SONG- Let's go back to 1997...this was one of those songs that was always playing on the radio, and a personal favourite:
Peaches ~ Presidents of the United States of America

BODY- With this weather, actually year round, you need to remember to wear sunscreen!

I actually like keeping my skin fair (aka pale). I do have SUPER fair skin and burn easily (more than once, I have gotten a sunburn walking from my car to the house/office/etc door) so I use a high SPF. We all know of the damage that sun and UV Ray can do to our skin (ex wrinkles) and health (ie cancer), so sunscreen should really be everyone's best friend.


  1. I'm super pale, too, so I always wear sunscreen! My mom is fair, so she's worn sunscreen every day for almost 30 years, and her skin is amazing! She looks amazing for her age!

    I'll have to check that book out this summer! It sounds like the perfect beach read!

  2. I saw that at Target and was curious. I might have to get it now!