Friday 30 March 2012

Favourite Thing- Mary Jane Heels

This weeks "Favourite Thing" are my go-to/everyday pair of shoes:

Mary Jane Heels

I love the style of Mary Janes...I feel it is a very classic style of shoe. Not to mention, they go with virtually everything and transition easily from day to night, work to play. Not to mention, Mary Janes are sooo comfortable! Or at least mine are!

I work in non-profit fundraising, so they are perfect to wear around the office or out to meet clients. Mary Janes look great with skirts, or pants or shorts. I even wear them with jeans and a sweatshirt- the shoes keep the outfit from being super, super casual and let me come across as feminine. 

I'm vertically challenged (I say I'm 5'2"...but I'm not quite), so I like to wear heels for the added height as well. I wear these shoes on a daily basis (work) and on weekends/after work, if I can't find the perfect shoes to go with my outfit, I pull on my Mary Janes.

I've been wearing Mary Janes for years and get tons of compliments on them. This shoe style was popular among flappers back in the 1920's. I was informed within the past year, that in a past life I lived in the 1920's. Maybe my love for the shoe style stems from that?

An interesting read (not sure it's 100% true about me): What do your shoes say about you- Mary Janes.

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