Friday 9 March 2012

Favourite Thing- Mona Lisa Smile

I am not a huge movie fan.
  1. I don't have the attention span
  2. I had to take film courses in university, where we analyzed the life out of movies. This really took the fun and enjoyment of movies for me. 
I do have a hand full of movies that I love and watch at least once a year- which for me is a lot.

One of these movies is:

Plot summary taken from IMDB: Katherine Ann Watson has accepted a position teaching art history at the prestigious Wellesley College. Watson is a very modern woman, particularly for the 1950s, and has a passion not only for art but for her students. For the most part, the students all seem to be biding their time, waiting to find the right man to marry. The students are all very bright and Watson feels they are not reaching their potential. Altough a strong bond is formed between teacher and student, Watson's views are incompatible with the dominant culture of the college. Written by garykmcd 

I love the message of this movie: don't be afraid to be yourself, consider all of your options and break away from traditional roles.

While I am by no means a feminist, or at least I don't consider myself one, this is a movie that always makes me feel optimistic, empowered, that I can accomplish anything.

Staring Julia Roberts, Kirsten Dunst, Julia Stiles, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Ginnifer Goodwin, with Marcia Gay Harden, Juliet Stevenson and Topher Grace.

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