Wednesday 31 December 2014

I Wish You Well, 2014

Dear 2014, 

We were not meant to be. I had high hopes for you...2013 was a phenomenal year and I had plans for you to take over where 2013 left off. It wasn't meant to be. Don't get me wrong, we had some good times together, we made some happy memories. But for the most part, I'm happy to see you go. 

The negative was too negative and greatly outweighed the positive. I'd like to say that I'm happy to see you go- which I am- and that I'm happy to forget you- which I have mixed feelings about. I'm not going to rehash all of the bad...there too much of it and I'm trying desperately to forget it all happened. I'm hoping that 2015 will more than make up for all of the bad and negative you threw my way, 2014. 

You weren't all bad 2014, I realize that. We did have our good moments. 
I had a lot of critics this year, often feeling like a punching bag, but I did have a number of Chamber Award Nominations, including Employee of the Year. 

2014, you brought me a handful of new friends and deeper into a circle of friends- you did pick it up towards the end. You started our relationship off by bringing someone back to me, I am thankful for wasn't what I expected and it has been a different ride than what I am used to and had hoped...but at the end, this person is still here. You also brought me my two fantastic Summer Students, both whom I adore to this day- they left me a file for when I need love and provided valuable suggestions in the Suggestion Box.

I shared a major milestone with you 2014- I turned 30. It wasn't nearly as bad as I had anticipated or heard it could be. I had a fantastic trip to Toronto, celebrated with friends and had a relaxing day off from work, had a wonderful dinner with family and saw David Myles, where he told me he had checked out my blog (!!!), and the desserts! The best part of my birthday was my gift- a trip to Cuba (Photos 1, Photos 2 and the highlight of the trip)!!!

With you, I said good bye to my great grandparents house. While this was sad, I had the chance to be reminded of memories made at their house and reminded how blessed I was/am to have great grandparents that I got to know and spend a lot of time with. 
2014, you were the year of two of my dad's political campaigns. Doing one a year is tough, but two? I barely had time for anything else- including blogging, which is why my posts are low this year. It was fun to campaign and go to different events. Of course, I was happy to see my dad elected and had fun at his inauguration.

As always, 2014, you brought me a lot of time spent with Brock Alumni: Hamilton Ti-Cat event, outdoor skating and hot chocolate, Raptors game, President's Forum, wine tasting, beer tasting, trivia night, dinners and drinks, Homecoming.

Blog wise, even though the number of times I posted was significantly down, my numbers went up. I saw significant- and surprising- increases across social media and blog related numbers:

So, 2014, we did have a lot going for us. You were good to me in many, many aspects. But you brought a lot of heartache, frustration, disappointment, struggles... more than I needed and, at times, more than I could handle. While I am thankful for everything you brought me, I am by no means sad to see you go. This break up is official, and I'm trying not to have any hard feelings towards you. The kind thing to say is 'it's me, not you' but we both know, it's you. I'm happy to send you off with a wave and no more than a second thought. I can do better. I will do better. 

2014, I am leaving you for 2015. I'm hoping that 2015 will treat me better than you did. You were, at times, fun and games 2014, but there was no love, very little kindness and even less happiness. I hope you wish 2015 and I well...nothing but the best for us. I will remember you 2014, not fondly, but I know I will think of you from time to time- as much as I don't want to. 
One final request 2014, please, please, please, give me space. Allow me the chance to see how things go with 2015. Give me a fresh start, keep our baggage with you, don't send me off with it. 

Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book.
Write a good one. - Brad Paisley 
I wish you well, 2014.  


  1. Happy New Year and here is hoping for a great 2015 for you

  2. You did some growing, nice numbers! Happy new year to you!