Thursday 22 May 2014

Birthday Retrospective: Desserts

My birthday was in February and I have two February birthday related posts that I have been meaning to post. Since I am going to Cuba in three days (!!!), which is the last of the 2014 birthday celebrations, I thought it would be a good idea to get my act together and share the two outstanding posts.

I was incredibly lucky, thanks to my family and friends, to have a month long celebration. This included a variety of desserts to mark the date of my birth:

A couple of days before my birthday, my sister gave me these mini cupcakes made of chocolate as part of my birthday gift. I saved them and snacked on them all month.

The night before my birthday,  a co-worker/friend and I went out to one of the nicest restaurants in the city for dinner. This was a cream puff pastry with ice cream in the middle.

The day of my actual birthday, a friend was kind enough to host a party for me, including a birthday cake. I forgot to take a picture of it, but was a Boston cream layered cake.

Because my birthday fell on a Friday (and of the Family Day long weekend), my family and I headed up to our second home, where this cake was part of my birthday dinner.

My parents took me out to one of my all time favourite restaurants. Cheesecake is my absolute favourite and because the restaurant knew I was coming in, they saved the last piece of cheesecake for me.

One of my best friends aka the friend I'm going to Cuba with, took me out for dinner to one of my other favourite restaurants. I hadn't had an ice cream sundae in years. 

And finally, at the end of the month, my parents hosted a birthday party for me (come back for tomorrow's post to hear about it), where instead of a cake I asked for cupcakes from a local store. Salted caramel is my favourite flavour...and the flavour of the buttercream icing on this cupcake. It was so, so, so good!!

Dessert wise, it was a delicious birthday and I was spoiled!


  1. Holy crap! Everything looks so scrumptious. Haha, my tummy growled. I hope you did have a great birthday month. My birthday is a week before Christmas, so I celebrate 1/2 birthdays.

  2. Looks like you have an awesome and delicious birthday!