Wednesday 14 May 2014

Beyond You- Leadercast 2014

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to attend Leadercast, which is a full day conference in Atlanta, Georgia but has 750 host sites around the world, which allows 150,000 leaders to participate. I was at one of the host sites as a guest of Kinetic Noise Control.

This was the first time that I attended Leadercast and it was an amazing experience!! The day was full of inspiring speakers- like Laura Bush, Malcolm Gladwell and Desmond Tutu- who spoke on the topic of 'Beyond You' leadership. Leadership is not about you, it's about the people you are leading. Leadership should not be self serving. 

It was energizing and thought provoking. I was inspired to go back to work and put into practice things that I had learned (and things I had been reminded of). 

Good leadership lives beyond you. Otherwise you become someone's bad example. 

Good leaders ask how they can help and then actually help out.

Good leaders take the time to mentor the younger generation...they aren't scared to do this, even is the younger generation might take their job. 

Leadership starts before you become the boss. Be a team player.

This was such an amazing day and gave me a little boost of confidence on how to approach some things in my life. It has inspired me to change some of my approaches for work and has given me ideas on how I should structure my leadership style for the two summer students I will have working with me this year. 
Tripp Crosby was one of the co-hosts...he is hilarious, by the way. One of my favourite quotes from the day was:
Leaders do not take selfies. 
Tripp encouraged us to start a new trend of #Yousie, where we take a picture of someone else and say something encouraging/nice about that person when we post the photo on social media. 

Tripp is also behind this, Real Life Conference Call:

How funny, and true, is this???

I am so thankful to Kinetic Noise Control for inviting me to be their guest and giving me the opportunity attend. 

Leadercast 2015 is taking place on May 8...everyone should have the chance to attend this fantastic event!!


  1. i like how they shows you to take a pic of someone else and post it with something nice, that is such a nice gesture