Tuesday 27 May 2014

Vacation Guide: What To Pack

I am so excited to be in Cuba! Not only is it fun to be on vacation- no email, Blackberry or anything work related...as much as I love my job, I do need an opportunity to relax and unwind- I'm in Cuba with one of my BFFs celebrating our 30th birthdays!

I have done a lot of traveling in my life and have mastered not only the art of packing but the art of curating a vacation wardrobe.

I travel light and bring pieces that can be mixed and matched, and pieces that transition easily from day to night. It's becoming more and more common for suitcases to be opened and items to be taken ("luggage theft"), with this is mind I do not pack any jewelry or any of my nice clothing. I only pack items that I would be ok with losing or would be ok if they got damaged. 

So, what am I packing for Cuba?

  1. Tank tops- I bring these in a variety of colours. They are casual enough for pool side and dressy enough for dinner
  2. Bathing suit coverup- Great for throwing on to go somewhere for lunch. I actually have a couple of cover-ups that pair nicely with a denim skirt...making it an acceptable outfit for dinner.
  3. Flip flops- I LOVE my Havaianas! They are so comfortable, which is a must for long walks. Plus they are perfect for the beach/pool and they are fancy enough that they can be worn to dinner.
  4. Large shirt- I always buy a couple of shirts that would be way too big for me (think XL). They are long enough to be bathing suit coverups and are large enough to be breezy for hot weather.
  5. Polos- Like tank tops, are perfect for day or evening and can easily be dressed up or down.
  6. Cardigan- Perfect for layering over tank tops and polos and to keep you warm on cool nights. Cardigans are also a really easy way to dress up an outfit.
  7. Jeans- For cooler nights and ideal for traveling.
  8. Sandals- I'll pack one pair of sandals that will go with every outfit I bring. Sandals are a simple way to dress up an outfit.
  9. Bathing suit- How can you go to an island and not bring a bathing suit?! Plus, how adorable is this suit?
  10. Skirts- I know that dresses are popular for vacations, but I actually stick to skirts. They are easier to mix and match with different tops. I usually pack one or two denim skirts, as they are great to wear while getting to and from the pool and beach. 
I also bring a sweatshirt or zip up hoodie with me on the plane. They take up a lot of room in a suitcase, which is why I bring one one the plane, instead of packing one. Plus airports and planes tend to be on the cooler side. I will end up packing about 18-20 individual pieces of clothing, (including socks, sleepwear, etc) for the entire week, which really isn't a lot.

Any seasoned traveler will tell you to pack light and only bring the essentials. Two pieces of advice that I highly endorse!!


  1. Your going to have so much fun! I'm jealous, I've always wanted to go. I'm scared to fly though. Haha.

  2. We are away for 18 days so I packed 7-8 outfits for us because we are able to do laundry and I have done lots of shopping as well :)