Wednesday 28 May 2014

Vacation Guide: Carry On Luggage

If I could, I would only travel with carry on luggage. Unfortunately, when you are traveling to a different country for a week, this isn't really an option- too many things to bring and too many restriction with what you can include in your carry on. 

As a general rule, anything that I HAVE to bring with me that has a higher value or I would be upset if I never saw again, I pack in my carry on. With that being said, I try not to travel with anything that fits either description. 
Besides my travel documents (passport, boarding pass, etc), here is what I pack in my carry on:

  1. Tote- This is what I use for a carry on if I am checking a bag. It's good to pick something generic- you don't want people to think you are affluent, as this increases your chances of having your stuff stolen. I also use a tote because when I am at my vacation destination, this becomes the bag that I take to the beach/pool with me and I use it as my purse.
  2. Clutch- This does double duty, I use it as a wallet and as a purse for nights out.
  3. Lip balm- Airplanes are so drying, so this is a must travel item for me.
  4. Bathing suit- I n case my luggage goes missing, I can still enjoy the pool/beach while I wait for my luggage to turn up.
  5. Earphones- I bring my own to use on the plane to listen to the inflight movie and/or radio.
  6. Deck of cards- In case your flight gets delayed, you have something to occupy your time. It's also a great way to meet people, asking them if they want to play.
  7. Shirt- In case my luggage goes missing, I have something to change into and will be appropriate for day or night.
  8. Skirt- In case my luggage goes missing, I have something to change into and will be appropriate for day or night.
  9. Bobble Water Bottle- You are not allowed to bring water through security, so these are perfect! You can bring an empty Bobble through security and fill it up when you are on the other side. This water bottle also has a filter, making water safe to drink. 
  10. Magazine- I always bring a couple of magazines on the flight with me. Not only are they great to read, but I usually leave them behind in the airport or airplane when I am done with them, so someone else can enjoy them too.
  11. Sunglasses- I love my sunglasses and would hate to lose them or for them to be damaged, so I pack them in my carry on.
  12. Kindle- I love my Kindle and would be devastated if I lost it or it got damaged, so I pack it in my carry on. Yes, it's great for reading and passing time, but I like to save the battery for when I'm at my destination.
  13. Snack- Airplane food is not always appetizing and not all flights include meals, so it's a good idea to bring a couple of snacks.
Wondering what I pack in my luggage? You can find out here.

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