Thursday 29 May 2014

Vacation Guide: Beauty

On a daily basis my beauty routine is very simple. When I travel, I keep my beauty routine very basic and limit the number of products I bring with me. As with everything else when I travel, less is more. 

I bring travel and sample size products with me and leave expensive products at home. You are on vacation to should be enjoying your surroundings, not spending hours in front of a mirror. Vacations are a great excuse to give your hair and face a break from styling and makeup. 

Here are the beauty products I generally pack while traveling:

  1. Hydrating spray- I love hydrating sprays and use them all year round. They are perfect to refresh as well as hydrate your skin. Great product to have in your beach bag.
  2. Face cleanser wipes- Great for removing light makeup, sunscreen  and of course cleansing your face. 
  3. Sunscreen- This is a must!! The higher the SPF the better. 
  4. Bug spray- A lot of people forget to pack this. Bugs are an issue in a lot of destinations.
  5. One hair product- Do not bring all of your hair products or multiple kinds of products, Pick one that is a 'must' for you or that you can't live without. Garnier Surf Hair Texturizing Cream is my go to product year round. I have curly hair that goes frizzy in humid weather. This product can be applied to wet or dry hair, keeps frizz at bay and leaves me with perfect 'beach' waves. 
  6. First aid kit- You just need the travel size. Band aids can be surprisingly hard to come by when traveling. 
  7. Mascara- On vacation, I might wear make up to dinner, but that's about it. I keep it very simple, with mascara being one of two makeup pieces I bring. If I don't have a mascara sample, I will bring a drugstore brand (NYC Color is a personal favourite)
  8. 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner- You only need to bring one bottle to get the benefits of both products.
  9. Toothpaste & brush- I buy the travel pack to use while I'm gone and throw it out when I'm done.
  10. Moisturizer- This is key. Being in the sun all day is very drying to skin.
  11. Lip product- The second of two makeup pieces I bring is either lipstick or gloss to wear to dinner. Again, if I don't have a sample, I bring a drugstore brand.
I also pack aloe vera for sunburns and after bite for bug bites. I also bring a couple of hair elastics, bobby pins and hair clips, but again, I keep things to a minimum and really simple. I cannot stress enough to leave your valuable/expensive beauty products at home. If you would be upset if the product was lost or stolen, or if you spent more than $10 on it, don't bring it. 

When it comes to beauty products, pack only what you will need. You will likely not want to go an entire week without moisturizer, but I promise that you will survive an entire week without eyeliner.

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