Wednesday 25 June 2014

Cuba In Photos- Part Deux

Life is STILL crazy busy; add in internet issues (thanks Rogers) and a week and a half (and counting) cold, and you will understand why my blogging-including a proper Cuba recap- has been lackluster recently. 

I though it was time I did a second photo dump from my trip:

Beach volleyball

Ocean...can you believe how clear the water is???

The big hut is where the entertainment crew hung out. There were tons of huts/umbrellas and lounge chairs on the beach.

This was the 'relaxing pool'. Music was played from the bar, but there were no kids, games, etc. It was really quiet, few people and right beside our bungalow. And the bartender was awesome.

Patio that we had drink on. The building behind it was an Italian a la carte and the building on the right was the buffet.

Path to the 'relaxing pool'. The building at the end of the path was the pool bar.

Ocean from the causeway leading to the mainland.

Apartments where the resort workers lived.

Houses on the mainland.

Downtown in one of the cities.

More of downtown.

I promise that a recap of the trip is coming soon. More Cuba pictures can be found here and the BEST night of our trip can be found here.

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