Wednesday 4 June 2014

6 Things To Keep In Mind While Travelling

I recently, as on Sunday, returned from a fabulous trip from Cuba!! I had a blast and will be sharing aspects of my trip over the next week. While I was gone, I did a series of vacation guides; what to pack, carry on luggage, beauty products and reading list. On my way home, I realized that I should have also done something on airplane etiquette.

"Etiquette" might not be the right term but here are 6 things to keep in mind while travel by airplane. 

1. It is not your flight attendants job to know your travel itinerary.
Our flight home had a stopover...we dropped some people off and some people got on, we didn't stop for very long. In fact, we reached our stop over at 8:15, we weren't even supposed to leave our airport until 8:20, and it was 28 minute flight from. 

Anyway, a girl on the flight was complaining that she didn't know about the stopover and that she had a connecting flight in Toronto, which she was upset that she would miss. The stewardess was very nice to her and told her that they could call Toronto and ask them to hold the flight, but they would need to know her flight number and airline. She didn't know this information and felt the stewardess should know this info or be able to find it on her own. Because, you know, stewardess' know everything about every single flight and airline, including the ones they don't work for.

In the end, all was fine as we reached Toronto an hour and half ahead of schedule. But still.
2. Seat belt signal means to sit down and put your set belt on.
You would think this would be a simple, self explanatory thing to follow. Apparently some people think it means get up and take your stuff out of the overhead compartment as we start our decent. Other people think it means stand in the aisle and drink as we hit major turbulence. 
In both cases, I thought the passengers were going to fall over and hurt themselves, which they thankfully did not. I also thought luggage was going to fall on someone or that someone was going to get a beverage spilled on them. Lucky, neither happened.

3. Listen to your flight attendant.
I have no idea how many times I heard the flight attendants say bottles of alcohol in plastic bags had to be stored under the seats, not in the overhead compartment. They repeatedly said if alcohol was in carry on luggage or a box, it was ok for the overhead compartment, otherwise it had to go under the seat.

Even after they said this, people would hold up a plastic bag with alcohol and ask if it was ok to go in the overhead compartment and each time the flight attendant said no. One guy even asked this question about each of the three bags he had.

4. Planes are cold...dress accordingly.
It is a well known fact that planes are cold. Even if you are leaving a warm destination, like Cuba, the plane will be cold. Do not travel in shorts and a tank top and then complain for almost 4 hours that you are cold.

On top of that, complaining, arguing with the flight attendants, blocking the aisle and going to the bathroom every 5 minutes will not make the plan warmer.

5. Take a poll of passengers on your flight to help you make major life decisions.
There was a couple who were returning from their honeymoon and the bride had yet to decide what she was going to do about her last name. She decided to poll passengers around her for their opinion. The leading choice by passengers was actually for her husband to take her last name.

There was also an engaged couple on our flight, who were thinking of getting married in Cuba, and decided to poll passengers for a wedding date.

No idea if these people will take the advice and opinion of their fellow passengers, but it was still funny and a great way to pass the time.

6. You are not at home on your couch.
A popular debate with flying is about do you share them, who gets dibs, etc. Something else to remember, you are not at home on your not sprawl out.  
The guy next to me had serious personal space issues. He felt the need to have his legs in the space in front of my seat, to use the entire armrest, to continually shift his body so that he was leaning into my was awkward and uncomfortable.

And there you have it...6 not so important but important enough things to be aware when flying.

For the record, the next time I fly anywhere, I'm going to be more prepared and have a life decision to ask fellow passengers for input on. So much better than flipping a coin.

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