Monday 2 June 2014

Inspire Me-Celebration & Happy Hour

As usual, I've been dreading Monday, today more than most's my first day back to work after a week in Cuba!!! I had a really great time and will be sharing parts of my trip over the next two weeks. I'm excited to share my trip and relive some of those Cuban memories. But I am not looking forward to work today...on top of being out of the office for a week, I have a conference in Toronto tomorrow and an event on's going to be hectic. Can I please go back to Cuba??? 

Nowhere near as great as a Cuban vacation, but some inspiration for the week:

This is one of my favourite quotes (Lilly Pulitzer or otherwise). With the week (and month) I have ahead of me, it's so important to remember to live life, to have fun, to enjoy. There is always time for happy hour...there is always time to go out with friends and relax a bit, to take a timeout and have a bit of fun. Life is about joy, happiness and making the most of it. The mundane daily tasks or the hectic stressful situations sometimes prevent us from remembering that. 

So, this week when I am replying to hundreds of emails, returning dozens of phone calls, either training or finding a summer student, preparing for and actively participating in a conference, finalizing event details and running said event, managing and motivating a group of volunteers and dealing with who knows what else this week will throw my way...I'll remember this quote and attempt to inject some fun, joy and moments of pure bliss into my day. 

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