Thursday 5 June 2014

Nailed It: imPress Press On Nails

As an event planner, fundraiser, working professional and political daughter, it's relatively important that I look "presentable" at most times. But my life is so hectic, chaotic, time consuming...busy! There just aren't enough hours in a day for me to get everything done, never mind of time to do small things, like get my nails done. 
Manicured nails are such a simple way to look like you've got it together. Be honest, we glance at each others nails and judge. Like I said, like is so busy, I rarely have the extra time to get my nails done. Thank goodness for imPress Press On Nails!! 
Press on nails were something that I thought were tacky and something I would never try...not just because of the tact factor, but also because I was terrified of damaging my nails. Everything negative I thought about press on nails, imPress Press On Manicure proved wrong.
These nails were not only easy to apply- pull of the tab and press them on- they also looked natural. Friends, colleagues and strangers, were all surprised to find out that they were press on nails. I got so many compliments!
They were also easy to take off and did not damage my nails at all. The only downside was that they last 3-4 would be great if they lasted longer. 
The nails also come in a variety of colours and designs. Even though I like designs, like the black lace ones, I sometimes like to keep it basic with a solid colour. Either way, you get high shine and nails that look professionally done.
I love this product, using it on a monthly basis, and highly recommend imPress nails!
***I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes***

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  1. I love those nails too. Lately I've been doing a good job of keeping my own nails looking good, but I used to use Impress nails quite a bit.