Monday 8 December 2014

Inspire Me- Better Than You Ever Imagined

Happy Monday!!! Things have been quiet around the blog, but I've been keeping busy. I had a fantastic weekend spent with friends- a Girls Night Out/Christmas Party and a movie night where we watched all 3 Austin Powers movies. It was nice to spend time with so many friends. I was in a car accident almost two months ago and am slowly recovering- lots of pain and soreness, but nothing too serious. My dad's inauguration was last week- it was pretty typical but still fun. 

Professionally I've been busy too. Lots of meetings and events, and of course long days in the office (including today). I've been struggling to keep a work life balance and have been burnt out since February. I constantly feel like I'm drowning, not even keeping my head above water, so to speak. There have been a lot of changes- not improvements- over the past 13 months and there are more to come. I'm desperately trying to stay positive, keep things in perspective, move forward and make changes. Every time I see a glimmer of light or a door start to open, it quickly becomes dark or the door slams shut. It's discouraging. It's frustrating. 
This weeks inspiration is one I've shared before, but it holds true:

I have my dream job and for a few years, it was everything I imagined it would be. Then, the above mentioned changed happened. As time went on, it was a downward spiral of negative, very little good. 

The past 13 months, and everything that happened, are in my past. I knew the changes were coming, but I was told they were going to be good...I was optimistic and even excited. Things didn't pan out the way anyone thought. 

In my case, things were actually worse then I ever could imagine. I was the punching bag and the sacrificial lamb; people were quick to throw me under the bus, risk my reputation and credibility for "the good of the organization". While the work that I do is VERY important, it wasn't seen that way. Me and my work were constantly pushed aside and not taken seriously. 

I can dwell on everything that has happened in the past year or I can move on. The past year was nothing like I had imagined, hoped or lead to believe it would be. 

But I know that something better is coming my way...I know that I won't be stuck in this situation forever...I know that my future will be better than I have ever imagined.


  1. Stay positive. Don't think of them as changes but more new challenges for you to conquer! x

  2. Your right, I believe something better is coming