Thursday 11 December 2014

Inaugural Fashion- What I Wore

A couple of weeks ago, I had asked a couple of my favourite fashion bloggers to suggest outfits I could wear for my dad's inauguration earlier this month. Some beautiful dresses were chosen and I decided to use Jennifer's suggestion as inspiration. In fact, I actually went to a few H&M's in search of the dress she picked. I couldn't find the exact dress, but I still used her outfit as inspiration.
So, what did I wear?
I wore a similar dress to the one pictured above (from Le Chateau), but in blue. I typically wear A-line skirts/dresses and I thought I'd stick to this style for the inauguration. Black is a popular choice for events like this, so I decided to throw in some colour, which is why I went with blue.
I live in Canada and it can get cold, so I also included an off-white cardigan that I purchased from Target back in the spring.
I own a pair of Ralph Lauren shoes (similar to the ones pictured above), which I wore. I completed my outfit with a simple black clutch, blue sapphire stud earrings, blue sapphire ring and a diamond and blue sapphire necklace.
The actual inauguration was pretty typical; the newly elected official were escorted into chambers by a piper, O Canada was sung, blessings were done, my dad gave his inaugural address (where he told a story from an inauguration 17 years ago- my sister had just learned how to do somersaults and decided to do them down the aisle during the inauguration), everyone was sworn in and introduced their guests, outgoing politicians were acknowledged and thanked, a motion was passed and the meeting adjourned.
After the meeting, pictures were taken in chambers. After the pictures, our family went to my dad's office and hung out for a bit. It was nice to have that little bit of down time as a family and just take in everything that happened in the meeting. We had a few minutes to relax, and go out on my dad's balcony, before heading down to the cocktail reception.
The reception was also pretty typical- wine and food were served, and lots of socializing with people who were there. About 200 people were invited and I only spoke to a small fraction of them, but it was nice to connect with people I haven't seen in awhile and get caught up with old friends.

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