Tuesday 2 December 2014

6 Reasons I Love Influenster

There are many things in life that I love...the beach, New York Rangers, cheesecake, naps, a good book, just to name a few. I also love Influenster. Influenster is a really cool online community were members can share product reviews and experiences. Members also have the chance to qualify for a VoxBox, where they receive full size products to test and review- more on that later.
There are a lot of reasons to love Influenster, and here are 6 reasons why I love Influenster:
1. Influenster Canada- As a Canadian, this is a HUGE deal to me and something that I really love. Influenster has programs designed specifically for Canadians. It can be frustrating to be given a product to test, that you love, and then find out that it's not available in Canada. Never a problem with Influenster Canada...what you test, you can easily find in stores.
2. Influenster Instagram- It is custom for everyone and everything to have social media accounts, especially if the concept. like for Influenster, is an online community. Their Instagram features photos of members with products they are trying, staff around the office and other fun pictures. Their Instagram account kind of reminds me of Kate Spade's 'Things We Love' book. So fun to look at and just make you happy. Their Pinterest account is also pretty good...where they also have an entire board dedicated to Canada.
3. Influenster VoxBox- Who doesn't love receiving mail??? Especially if you are getting full size products to test??? VoxBox are packages that can include a single product or an assortment of products, that you can test out and review. I've had the opportunity to try out a number of products because of Influenster, but two of my favourites (and now go to items) are imPress Press On Nails and Montagne Jeunesse Clay Masks.
4. Influenster App- Truth be told, I haven't had a chance to download and try the app yet- but that happens when you don't have a smart phone or a phone with a data plan. But, let's face it...everything is better with an App.
5. Influenster Review Pages- The Review Pages are a great way to find out about things- products, books, movies, stores, services...you name it- before you try them. You can see ratings and read reviews, but you also have the opportunity to ask questions and have other Influensters answer them. Tons of information...great way to try new things and avoid potential disappointment.
6. The Hub- The Hub is Influenster's blogging platform. Members have the chance to guest blog or be featured, but The Hub also has new product information, tips and tricks, word of the day and other fun articles- Starbucks Secret Menu, #TBT Team Influenster Edition, Games To Play While Traveling.
The above 6 points are just a few reasons to love Influenster. Trust me, there are a TON more. If you haven't already checked out- and joined- Influenster, what are you waiting for???

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  1. I like Influenster too. I've got 4 or 5 of their boxes and I love them. I've also found great products through the site with the reviews.