Monday 15 December 2014

Inspire Me: Smiling's My Favourite

Happy Monday!! We are in the home stretch, Christmas is 10 days away! I think I'm in pretty good shape...I just have my mom's present to take care of, I have tons of gifts still to wrap, but shopping is done! Cards have gone out and I decided to pass on Christmas baking this year; time is running out and I decide just to pass on it all together instead of stressing about it. Holiday parties are in full swing and visiting with friends is keeping me busy. 

One of my favourite Christmas movies is Elf and I've already watched it a number of times this year (you can find my other 'must watch' Christmas movies here). So, I thought I would use a line from the movie as inspiration for this week:

It's no secret that I have been struggling and dealing with a lot of negative things recently. It's also no secret that I am (usually) a happy person- always laughing and smiling. In fact, my bio for this blog and all my social media says that I am a lover of laughter. 

With everything that I have had going on, I haven't been laughing and smiling as much as I normally do or as much as I would like. This has not gone unnoticed by those who are closest to me.

This quote is a way to remind me that I like to smile and that smiling isn't that hard. I need to be aware of when I'm smiling, make an effort to smile and eventually, the happiness and laughter that I'm used to, will naturally follow.

When you smile, the people around you smile and eventually your smile will become genuine. The good will overcome the bad. 


  1. I love laughing with you, keep smiling and be happy girl, Great things are coming, 2015 is YOUR YEAR

  2. Keep your head up, your doing great!

  3. Yes, I LOVE that quote too. Your post is very true.