Friday 28 November 2014

Inaugural Fashion: Jennifer

This week, I have shared ideas of what to wear to my dad's inauguration, as suggested by fellow bloggers. Today, I'm excited to share what Jennifer from Southern Living: Preppy Style came up with! Jennifer is hands down one of my favourite bloggers and I couldn't wait to see what she was going to suggest!! Here's what Jennifer came up with:

Melissa recently asked for some fashion styling help for her father's upcoming inauguration. I am flattered that she asked me for such help and I had a fun time picking out a few selections. 

As the wife of a government official, I know all to well the dress code for such political yet very exciting events.  And Melissa knows that I like to air on the conservative side of things for such events.  This doesn't mean you can't have the "pow" though!

I asked a few questions of Melissa; if the inauguration would be indoors our outdoors, if there would be a party thereafter, what type of party and if she would have access to a dressing room to change into a cocktail attire.  One never knows and the questions have to be asked.  

Since Melissa is in Canada and the event will be indoors, I chose the following for the inaugural event.  This is a more business-type event and therefore, I went with a dressier business outfit.  I LOVE this dress from H & M.  I actually have this dress and for the price, the comfort, fit and quality is really outstanding and unexpected.  $34.95!  The blazer is also from H & M for $49.95.  These are classic items she can wear again and again as Melissa announced to me some other very exciting things happening in her life where she might need such staples in her closet.  I do not own this particular jacket but I do have other H & M jackets and whenever people find out where I purchased by dress suits, they are always pleasantly surprised. I completed the outfit with classic pearls, simple bangles and some fun J. Crew pumps for the "POW!"  After all, Melissa is the honored guest standing beside her father so she should ONLY look slightly better than him!  *wink wink*

What I also love about this pairing is that Melissa can remove the jacket and voila!, instant cocktail dress.  Business to cocktail in two seconds flat.  And should it be a chilly atmosphere, she can easily put the jacket back on and still be cocktail attired.  The jacket is dressier, in my opinion, then a regular business jacket and can help her transition from one event to the next. 

4. David Yurman Bracelets Here and Here

Now, let's say Melissa does want to make that change to more formal cocktail attire.  She does have access to a dressing room, so this is a possibility. In that case, we have the following.

When I'm styling myself (or in this case, others), I like to start my search with the creme-de-la-creme of fashion and with this session, I started with Neiman Marcus and Van Cleef and Arpels.  Hey, one can dream that one day I'll own a pair of $48,000 earrings but for now, we'll have to Spy It, Buy It.  If Melissa can afford them, well then she's my new bestest friend!

I spied this gorgeous, yet conservative, cocktail dress by Adam Lippes for $1,395.00.  I love the simple black conservative LBD (a/k/a little black dress) but the lace overlay gives it that "POW!" Melissa needs when standing by Daddy.  The shoes, who doesn't want a pair of "Red Bottom Shoes?"  Strappy with a little sheen and very tasteful.

Also, my biggest fear at a cocktail party where everyone is usually standing and travel mingling, is that someone will bump into me with a red glass of wine with red wine subsequently being poured all down my dress.  With a black LBD, this is not as much as a disaster as it seems and Melissa can quickly recover and return in the case of disaster.

Taking the inspiration and pairing it down to a much more affordable cost, I found this gorgeous dress at Nordstrom for $158.00.  And with a staple like this in her closet, there's bound to be many places she can wear this beautiful LBD.  The shoes are Ivanka Trump at Nordstrom and again are very tasteful for any LDB or any dress of any color for that matter.  Melissa is sure to get lots of use from these shoes.

The earrings are a little more on the pricey side however, Melissa could easily find some costume jewelry at her local department store that will dress up the cocktail dress and provide just a hint of "POW!" 

The only thing about this styling is the shoes versus pantyhose.  I am a Florida girl styling a Canadian with open toe shoes in December.  This may not be a good option for Melissa.  As an alternative, a simple black pump would suffice and most likely, Melissa already has these in her closet!

Melissa, I can't wait to see what you wear to this special event!  And congratulations to your entire family on this new role, what an exciting time for you all!

First of all, how great is Jennifer??? Second of all, how gorgeous are the outfits she came up with?!?!? I defiantly headed down to H&M and was on the hunt for that dress!

Thanks Jennifer for your help!! To see more of Jennifer's style (and her two adorable little girls), you can visit Southern Living: Preppy Style.


  1. gorgeous outfits, you will look amazing!! heading to her blog now

  2. I'm so glad you liked the styling! I can't wait to see what you wear for the actual event. I also found it fitting that both of the bloggers you asked to help you, we both chose lacey black dresses. Be sure to let us know what you picked!