Monday 24 November 2014

Inspire Me: Why Not?

Happy Monday!! I can't believe that we are in the last week on November and that the Holiday Season is essentially here!! I have a busy week ahead of me; Christmas Dinner with my Sorority Sisters, Chamber Awards, work meetings and a kinda farewell lunch for a co-worker (she's leaving our office and moving to another one). There are some fun things coming up, but it will also be an insanely busy work week for me and I'm not looking forward to it.

In reflecting on the past little bit and knowing where I currently am in life and currently dealing with, I thought this quote would be great for this week's inspiration:

I'm finding myself, recently, in a position with I am being questioned on everything that I do...and I'm being questioned on personal things, that have nothing to do with my professional life, nor do they interfere professionally. I'm really bothered by it; I'm feeling disrespected and my invasion of privacy, and I'm feeling pressure to change who I am as a person, which I refuse to do. 

All of the questions and negativity has made me evaluate my life and my priorities. There are a lot of people who discourage me and question my actions. When they ask why, they are trying to create doubt, lower my self esteem and make me question and second guess myself. 

To all those people who ask me why, I ask them why not? You'd be surprised how many people are unable to answer 'why not?'...and if they can't answer that, if they don't have a valid reason for me not to do something, I tell myself that their questions and opinions don't matter in the situation. There is no reason for me not to do it.
Even if I am the one questioning myself, asking myself why, I then ask myself why not? And if I can't answer or come up with a reason not to do it...I know that I have no reason to doubt myself. I move forward. 

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  1. Those people don't deserve an anwer because they are only out to get you and not treat you the way you should be treated.
    I really miss you, by the looks of it though I wont get to talk to you this week as you are so busy