Thursday 2 October 2014

An Open Letter To My Critics

Dear Critics,
I want to thank you. But before I do, I want you to know that I can take criticism. I really can. I see criticism as a way to grow and improve. It also helps build character and, at times, can be a different way to look at or approach a situation. I also have thick skin, so thick that I no longer feel the knife being stabbed into my back. More than one of you Critics, have stabbed me in the back. Some on multiple occasions. I didn't flinch, but I was aware.
You Critics are an opinionated bunch, lots to say and you have no problem expressing your point of view. I can appreciate your opinions and passion, even if I disagree with you. But they are YOUR opinions and YOU are entitled to them- I can respect that.
You might not know this about me, but I am an observer. I observe, process and then move on. I've noticed that you are more than happy to share your thoughts, but no interest in hearing what I have to say. In fact, more than one of you have flat out said "I'm not interested in what you have to say." Message received loud and clear. I've also noticed that you speak at me-that's a nice way of saying attack- without knowing the whole story.
For example, you tell me it's my fault something didn't get done even though I wasn't the one who was supposed to do it. You were forthcoming with your words, not interested in what I had to say, and you were unaware of what happened. I agree with you, even though it wasn't my job to send something out, I do have some responsibility. Do you realize I did my part? That I spent two months asking for something to be sent? That I came up with a back up plan and spent a month trying to get that plan in motion? And that I also sent it out to a condensed list, because the full mailing list wasn't made available to me? I did my part, but you're too busy speaking at me to realize that.
Critics, a lot of you like to push me around, some have even gone as far as bullying me. While your behaviour is not ok, I have decided not to take it personally- even if you made it personal. Some of you are petty and attack me for dumb things, like not adding you to Facebook. Facebook is for my friends, not business contacts. BTW, I'm more than happy to connect with you on LinkedIn.
You have told me that 'busy' is a buzz word and it means nothing. You've told me that it's like pulling teeth to get me started on anything. You've told me that I'm not good at my job, I don't know what I'm doing, I don't know the first thing about fundraising, that I don't understand all the work that goes into making an event great, that I don''ve had a lot to say.
I get it. You don't think I'm good at my job or that maybe I'm in over my head or that I have no clue about what I'm doing.
Maybe you're right.
But there is someone- multiple someones, I'm told- that disagree with you. Like you, they did go behind my back. But instead of trashing me and saying how horrible I am, they did something nice.
You see, sweet Critics, these "someones" felt I deserve to be recognized for my work; they put my name forward for Chamber of Commerce Awards. The Chamber Board agreed with these "someones" and accepted my nomination. Not once, not twice, but five times.
Best Marketing Campaign.
Best Fundraiser
Best Corporate/Non Profit Partnership- Community Partner A
Best Corporate/Non Profit Partnership- Community Partner B
I was told by the Chamber, that I was nominated by multiple people and received more nominations than anyone else.
Submissions were anonymous. Thank you to these "someones" who believe in me and think I do a great job. To the "someones" who recognized my hard work, highs and even my lows...and felt the need to go out of their way to make sure others were aware. 
I also want to thank you, Critics. You made me a better person, you helped me learn and grow in ways that I wouldn't have had the chance to do without you. And, who knows, maybe "someone" saw the way you treated me and where impressed with the way I handled the situation. You could be responsible for these nominations, for my recognition at being good at something.
Oh, and that 5th Award Nomination?
Employee of the Year.

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  1. whoop, so happy for you! You deserve all the awards!!