Tuesday 7 October 2014

Hey, It's Ok!

Airing My Dirty Laundry
To be proud of the recent Chamber nominations, 5 in total!
That I'm glad that Derrick won Big Brother. He played an amazing game and def deserved to win.
To, hopefully, be starting something new and exciting in the coming weeks...fingers crossed!!
That I can't believe Thanksgivings THIS weekend! I'm looking forward to having the a day off and spending time with my family.
To forget about new TV shows. I'll see the commercials and read about new shows, but then I forget to actually watch them. Or I can't remember what time or channel they are on.
That hockey starts TOMORROW!!! Pre-season has been going on for a few weeks, but regular season starts tomorrow...can't wait!!


  1. I always forget the new TV shows. I can barely keep up with the ones I currently watch! Stopping by from the linkup- fingers crossed for you!

  2. What?? Thanksgiving is this weekend? Are you celebrating early?


  3. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

    I'm glad Derrick one too. And I'm glad that Frankie didn't win the money for Viewer Choice.

  4. I want it to be some kind of holiday here, haha! I need a day off! I keep forgetting about all the new shows coming on too. I hope your having a great Tuesday!

  5. New and exciting sounds exciting! I'm in the US, but at my job we have several Canadian customers and they are all off next Monday. Happy Thanksgiving to you!