Friday 26 September 2014

Suggestion Box

Summer has come and gone, which means the Suggestion Box has also come to an end. This was something that was started for my Summer Students, but since they've gone back to school...there is no one to make suggestions.
L finished a week before N, so all of these suggestions came from N:
Use your "love" folder whenever & update as needed. When I was on vacation the two of them cleaned my desk and created a file folder 'For When You Need Some Love'. They filled it with funny things I had housed on my desk and added their own items. I haven't gone through the folder entire folder yet.
Have Timbits at Monday Meetings. We had weekly team meetings Monday morning and I always brought Timbits (donut holes, for my American friends). With the two of them leaving and me going back to a team of 1, there was no point for weekly meetings or Timbits.
Text N & meet up for Thai food or pizza sometimes.  L went a few hours away for school but N still lives in the area. I fully intent on texting her and meeting up once I have a bit more free time.
Find another bowling location and plan another outing. Bowling party was suggested weeks earlier. We went and had fun, but the service was horrible.
Try to crush less of your own dreams. This is a reference to an earlier suggestion- which was a joke- but this was a sincere reminder. I needed to hear that. I needed to be reminded that my dreams count too and are just as important. It was very sweet.
They both been gone for about a month and I miss them like crazy. I miss the fun and the laughter and the energy they brought to the office. Of course, I also miss all the work they did, which was a HUGE help to me.
Interested in previous weeks' suggestions?


  1. I should send you suggestion via text to make you smile :)

  2. Yes, meeting up for pizza is always fun! And delicious!