Friday 22 August 2014

Suggestion Box Week 4

I am so incredibly lucky to have two really great students working with me this summer. They are both hard workers, super productive and really nice and really funny girls. There is a lot of laughing in our office, they keep me entertained.
They, jokingly, asked if they could have a suggestion box when they could anonymously leave suggestion on how I can do my job better. Of course, I agreed and told them that we will read the suggestions at our weekly team meeting.

This week was the last meeting with both students, as today is L's last day. But both students have been making suggestions all week, so I'm looking forward to hearing her last suggestions. Anyway, here are this weeks suggestions:
I want a party is L gets one!!! This was actually written by L and she signed it with N's name. This was also L's way of saying she wants a party on her last day.
Decorate office for L's going away party. Written by L and another hint.
We should make a Bingo sheet for committee meeting! Haha. This was something fun for us to do. We had bingo cards made and we played after the meeting.
Melissa should file through the 2 week old pile on her desk!!! When I was on vacation, the students cleaned and organized my desk. They left a pile of stuff for me to go through because they weren't sure what the stuff was, how it should be filed or if it could be thrown out.
Make more suggestions. I encourage them to make suggestions.
Pick up balloons from other office for L's surprise party. Another hint for a party.
Find better bowling location. We went bowling and had fun, but there was some challenges; like when our game disappeared from the screen and they gave away our lane when we were mid-game.
I can write backwards with my lefthand!! This was actually written backwards and with her left hand.

Previous weeks suggestions:

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  1. Haha, how fun! I want some balloons. It's Friday, I think balloons would make everyone here feel better. You'd think they'd be in better moods, haha. Happy Friday!