Thursday 28 August 2014

Suggestion Box- Week 5

I was so incredibly lucky to have two really great students working with me this summer. They were both hard workers, super productive and really nice and really funny girls. There was a lot of laughing in our office, they kept me entertained.
They, jokingly, asked if they could have a suggestion box when they could anonymously leave suggestion on how I can do my job better. Of course, I agreed and told them that we will read the suggestions at our weekly team meeting.

L was done last Friday-but made suggestions all last week- and N's last day is today. This week might have been the end of the suggestion box, which is sad. Anyway, here are this weeks suggestions:
Breakfast meetings weekly. I can get behind supporting this.

(2) if you haven't read (1 )yet wait!! --> Turn page. I was confused by this and there was nothing on the back. N told me, when I read this, that L said she was going to hide things for us to find.

Melissa should get to play music M-F when L's gone. N and I both like country music, so we're ok with each other's playlist selections. L did not like country- or Luke Bryan.

Wish I was here! -Anonymous! ;) wink ;) wink. I wonder who wrote that...and we wished she was here too!!

JK! Look in the 2nd drawer!! More confusion. I looked in the second drawer and found a paper airplane.

Massages while we work. Something else I can get behind but will likely not happen.

More coffee pods ASAP. We are a coffee drinking office and are currently out of coffee pods for our coffee machine.

Rearrange office, have a "moving day". The running theme this summer is that we should rearrange our office.

Candy jar (always full). We used to be really good about always having snacks (chocolate, timbits) in our office, but haven't been consistent and have been snackless from time to time.

Open the top drawer of Lindsey's desk (1). Still confusing, but starting to make more sense. Still only found the airplane.

Walking at lunch on the track. We have a walking track at work, which we always talk about using but never actually do.

Another great week with great suggestions. I had a text from L on Monday night (Monday morning is when we go through the suggestions) asking about the suggestions. It turns out that she was sending us on a hunt for the paper airplane...because she can make them really well and the rest of us can't.

Things are going to be much less fun and entertaining around here next week.
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