Monday 11 August 2014

Inspire Me- Best Seller

Happy Monday!! This past weekend was Celtic Fest, which is one of my favourite weekends during the summer. I was able to attend the Festival all three days; I had a great time checking out the vendors, eating some delicious food and- the best part- listening to Celtic music all weekend!! My family was here this weekend, as always, it was nice to spend time with them.

My weekend was also full of thoughts. Late last week, I found myself at a cross road. Friday after work, I had the opportunity to discuss this situation with my boss; she is someone I deeply respect and admire. Getting her opinion and hearing her thoughts helped me clarify the direction I should go in. I also had the opportunity to spend time with a very special friend. He was nice enough to discuss the situation with me and provide some insight. Between these two conversations and my own reflections, I think I have made a decision with this cross road. I also had time to spend with Friend. As usual, it was fun and much needed.

I also want to note, that today is the third anniversary of my grandfather's death. I think of him everyday and miss him terribly. He was a wonderful, charming, talented, man. He was so much to the communities he was apart of- artist, businessman, philanthropist- but to me, he was simply Grandpa. Loving...Devoted...Cherished.
Anyway, some inspiration for the week:

As mentioned, I found myself at a crossroad last week. In talking to my boss, she asked me what the pros were. The pros for road one were not necessarily cons for road two, they were just different. She told me that I had to do what was best for me and regardless of what I decided, she will be my biggest supporter. 

The crossroads were just a plot thickener in my life story. Regardless of what the final outcome is, it's just another chapter. I don't think it matters which direction I head in, what matters is what I do once I'm in that direction. Regardless of what I do, it's just part of my life story. I'm the author. I can write my story how I see fit.

At the end of the day, my life will be the best version for me. It will be a best seller.


  1. hope all things work out for you <3

  2. Love your outlook. You do have control over how you view your life. I look forward to reading another chapter of your best seller.

    Besos, Sarah