Friday 8 August 2014

Suggestion Box Week 2

I am so incredibly lucky to have two really great students working with me this summer. They are both hard workers, super productive and really nice and really funny girls. There is a lot of laughing in our office, they keep me entertained. 
They, jokingly, asked if they could have a suggestion box when they could anonymously leave suggestion on how I can do my job better. Of course, I agreed and told them that we will read the suggestions at our weekly team meeting. 
Here are this weeks suggestions:

Melissa should keep her desk clean, tidy and organized. My work space is a bit chaotic, as most event planner's are. Both the students are super organized and while I was on vacation, they cleaned and organized my entire work space.

Practice rubbing your tummy and patting your head at the same time, please. Before I left on vacation, I was asked if I could do rub my tummy and pat my head at the same time. I cannot.

Everyone should send cute animal pictures on Tuesday. Last Tuesday, we each emailed each other a cute/funny animal picture.

Create a quote board. I think this is related to last week's suggestion that we keep track of funny things said in the office.

Melissa is great at giving us lots to do.  At our weekly meetings, I assign tasks for the week. I thought this suggestion was bad, as in I give them too much. I was assured that they like that I give them stuff because it keeps them busy and makes the day go by.

Walkie Talkies. I asked them to provide context in next weeks suggestion box, because I don't get it. The three of us are in the same room and the two of them sit across from each other.

Music that we ALL enjoy should be played. The one student and I both love country music. Student 1 gets music selection on Monday and Wednesday. Student 2 gets Tuesday and Thursday. I get Friday.

Don't be funny when Melissa's drinking. This was my suggestion. They two of them are hilarious and I have come very close to spitting out and.or choking on my drink many, many, many times.

Use more constructive criticism. I asked them to do more things for me to criticize.

Try to abandon us less. I used three vacation days recently and I frequently go into meetings that last for hours.

Keep your area organized. See first suggestion for context.

I love going through this suggestions! Sometimes they are helpful but most of the time they are just funny. It's a great way to start our work week by going through them; it's an opportunity to provide feedback, open discussions for feedback and, most importantly, have a good laugh.

Week 1 suggestions can be found here.

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  1. haha sounds like a great help to you both for laughter and for working :)