Sunday 11 November 2012

Sunday Social

Today is Remembrance Day here in Canada.It's so important to take the time to acknowledge and thank our military personnel. They made sacrifices for our freedom. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude. 

Sunday Social

1. What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory?
My favourite Thanksgiving memory is...2009, I think. It was the last Thanksgiving that we had as a family before my grandfather was put in long term care. It's my favourite because it's the last holiday meal we shared together. 

2. What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?
I'm actually not a fan of Thanksgiving food, but I do enjoy mashed potatoes.

3. What is a Thanksgiving tradition you and your family have?
Thanksgiving isn't a big holiday for our family, so we don't really have any traditions.
Although, my (American) aunt and her (American) mother makes our (Canadian) meal.

4. Show us a favorite Thanksgiving picture(or 5) from years past
I actually couldn't find any on my laptop. =(

5. What are you most looking forward to about this Thanksgiving?
Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October, so it's long gone. Although, a childhood friend did get married over Thanksgiving weekend this year, so I was looking forward to that!

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