Sunday 4 November 2012

Sunday Social

Weekends need to be longer than 2 days- and I know a lot of people agree with me on that one! The past 3 Saturdays, I've been helping my dad (a politician) with an important issue that he's been working on. It's not really something I can write about now, but will soon. 

This afternoon, I will be attending a fundraising event to support the Go Girls! Program run by Big Brothers Big Sisters. It should be a fun event and I'm looking forward to it. Tonight, I'll be going to a hockey game! It's a junior game, which I haven't been to in years. I've been invited to the press box, so how could I turn it down? I actually don't mind junior hockey and used to go to all of the home games when I was in high school and university.
Sunday Social
What is currently on your wish list?
Bar/bar cart for my apartment, Tassimo, Liz Cabral's bag from Aldo, nice pair of black flats

Share a new iphone, droid, ipad app you have recently discovered that we all need
I have a Blackberry, so N/A

What is a new Fall TV show you have added to your DVR?
Sadly, there aren't any new shows that are a 'must see' for me. I was kind of disappointed this year.
Share your Social Media links for us to follow you on(pinterest, twitter, facebook, etc) Tell us which is your favorite and why
I like them both for different reasons. I'm going to give Twitter the slight edge of being a 'favourite' just because if it weren't for Twitter, I wouldn't really know what's going on in the world. I get the majority of my news and information from Twitter- including links to news articles and updates on what happened on the latest reality show.

What is a TV series or Movie or Song you could listen to or watch over and over and over and never get tired of…feel free to name one of each
TV Show: Greek, Friends
Movie: Mean Girls, Clueless, Empire Records, Cinderella
Song: Anything by Luke Bryan and Joel Plaskett

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  1. found you thru the sunday social:) love the colorful blog you have, do you do blog design, i need mine done over.
    I live in fredericton NB so not to far from you :)