Thursday 5 April 2012

Make With Me- Zingers


  • Chicken fingers
  • 1/2 a tsp of butter
  • BBQ sauce
  • Hot sauce

To Make:
  • Cook chicken fingers as per package instructions
  • Melt the butter in a separate container
  • Add BBQ sauce and hot sauce (see notes), mixing with butter
  • Cut chicken fingers into bite size pieces
  • Add cooked chicken to mixture
  • Cover containers and shake, coating the chicken fingers
  • Enjoy!

  1. I used to waitress at a golf course when I was in high school/first year of university, and this was my favourite item on the menu.
  2. The amount of BBQ sauce used will depend on how 'saucy' you like it. I use a zip lock reuseable container and  coat the bottom of the container with BBQ sauce. This leaves the chicken fingers just coated in sauce. If you like more sauce (like on your wings), add more sauce. You can also add BBQ sauce over the chicken fingers, prior to shaking the container, to make them 'extra saucy'. 
  3. Same applies to the hot sauce- the amount you use will depend on how 'hot' you like things. When I order chicken wings, I usually order mild and find that 3 shakes of hot sauce in this recipe is enough for me. 
  4. For both hot sauce & BBQ sauce, remember that less is more. Remember, you can always add more sauce but you can't take sauce away. 
  5. The butter thins out the BBQ sauce, making it easier to coat the chicken fingers. Butter also dilutes the hot sauce.
  6. You can use any wing sauce in place of BBQ sauce.

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