Wednesday 4 April 2012

Book, Song, Body

BOOK- This week, I read:

As a Canadian, I thought this would be a fun read- and it was. This is a humorous take on Canada and Canadians. As a non-Canadian, I'm nit sure how enjoyable this book would be. I feel that the information in the book is very informative and fairly accurate, so it is a decent resource on Canada. 

I particularly liked the Index of Canada (ex Amount that Canada is larger in territory to the United States, expressed in terms of number of hockey rinks: 33,345,403) and the entire section on Canada and pop culture. And of course, Stompin Tom, plus the list of things invented in Canada, and...well, the entire book!

Short book (roughly 100 pages), quick read but I will read it again and share with my Canadian friends!

SONG- One of my favourite artists is Amanda Marshall and this is one of my favourite songs by her:

Sunday Morning After

BODY-This weeks product I once again discovered via My Dream Sample Box and it is:

Sheer Relief Lotion Bar by Bimini Balms

These are handmade and contain natural products...I love products where I have heard of and can pronounce all ingredients!

They are super easy to use- either rub the bar between your hands or against your skin (which is what I do), your body heat will melt the lotion into your skin. The bar's also come in a variety of scents. I personally love the cucumber melon scent. 

I have been using the bars on my legs and elbows. My skin is softer and smoother after use, with no greasy lotion feel afterward! I love this product and have incorporated it into my daily routine!

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  1. Thank You for your kind words, Melissa! You have a great page and I'm grateful you choose to share some space reviewing my lotion bars! :) My kids are my motivation for making natural products and my goal is to always keep the ingredient list simple, no chemicals or animal products, and affordable.

    I'm always happy to meet another hockey fan too!

    Best Wishes for your continuing success,

    Jean Edwards