Wednesday 11 April 2012

Book. Song, Body

BOOK- Georgia Bottoms is a book I've seen on a lot of bloggers (at least people I follow) reading lists. The fact that so many people had either read the book or wanted to read the book intrigued me and I ended up buying a copy.

The book focuses on Georgia Bottoms. She has several, mainly married, men in her life, each assigned their own night to be with her, none knowing about each other. She has an alcoholic brother, a mother with Alzheimer's disease, a best friend who is mayor of the town and an illegitimate son who she meets for the first time.All of the sudden (and WELL into the book), her perfect world comes crashing down. 

This book, to me, was interesting. I felt that there wasn't much of a plot per say...and everything that was mentioned in the book summary, happened. There were no surprises or unexpected moments. And when Georgia's life falls apart, it's near the end of the book. I would have liked for the 'chaos' to play out more. But, despite all of this, I did enjoy the book! I found myself lost in the book and was surprised to find out how much time had passed.

When I read a book, and before I blog about the book, I always ask myself 'Would I recommend this book to a friend?' If the answer is no (and the answer has been no several times since I started blogging), I don't blog about it. When I asked myself the question about this book, the answer was 'I'm not sure...'

I liked this book because I like getting to know people, I'm interested in the day to day details of people and finding out what makes them, well them. With the inside look of Georgia's life, you get to know her and her day to day life. The book is mostly her day to day life. If you're like me, and enjoy this, I would recommend the book. If you're not, give the book a pass. 

SONG- Since today is the first day of NHL playoffs, I think the most fitting song for this week has to be:

The Hockey Song by Stompin Tom Connors
Aka Canada's Second National Anthem

BODY- Some easy Yoga poses (even if you're not 'in' to Yoga, these are some great stretches):


  1. I love yoga! It really strengthens and stretches your body! And I've seen that book on a few blogs, too, but I wasn't sure about reading it!

  2. That book sounds really interesting. I might have to look into it.

  3. I read this book too and the jury is still out. I liked it, but I didn't.... I agree, the plot was kindof dull, but I liked the characters (most of them anyways if you catch my drift). I'm still in the "hmmmmm?" mode.