Friday 27 April 2012

Favourite Thing- Tank Tops

Last week, I was home and made a trip to the outlet mall, which included a stop at Tommy Hilfiger. I wrote last Friday about a dress and shoes I picked up there. And this weeks Favourite Thing is also from that shopping trip.

I bought these tank tops because I didn't really have any tank tops like these- plan with no embellishments or a different colour besides white. As you can see from the picture, they are just plan tank tops and they come in a variety of colours- I bought blue, grey, pink and black. Now that I have worn them, I wish I had bought a white one and as well as any other colour they might have.

I originally bought them because I was in need of a tank top. But I soon realized, after wearing one, that they are the perfect tank top! Not only are they comfortable, but they easily transition from day to night, work to play. They are long enough to layer and they are thin so they don't look bulky under other clothes.

I frequently wear cardigans in the summer, as the AC makes me cold. These tanks look great and work well with cardigans!

I was surprised by how much I love these tank tops after I wore one. But they have quickly turned into one of my favourite pieces of clothing!

1 comment:

  1. I too love tank tops! I wear them under everything becuase they do layer so well! I am happy someone else also enjoys tank tops and cardigans in the summer!