Tuesday 10 April 2012

Hey! It's Ok

It's ok...

To be a little worried that I might not find a dress for the auction. I have just under a month left until the auction and I'm having trouble finding a dress in my price range, a style that I like and the right length. I do have two dresses that I just bought and can wear if I have too.

To get frustrated when driving to work (and running late), I get stuck behind a truck that's going 60 when the speed limit is 80. It especially sucks when there's so much traffic coming the other way, you can't even pass said truck.

To be happy that I am finally done the website for work! We just need to get audited by the National chapter to make sure we meet branding guidelines and make those corrections and that's it! We'll be going 'live' at the beginning of May. 

To be ecstatic that Lou was FINALLY fired from Celebrity Apprentice. I. Can't. Stand. Him. It seems like he did very little and it seemed like the only thing he wanted to do was star in everything. Glad he's finally gone.

To think it's funny that the Toronto Maple Leaf organization not only wrote a letter of apology to their fans for not making the playoffs, which they posted on their website, but that they also purchased an ad in the paper for the letter.

To be sad that I will be missing the New York Rangers game 1 of the first round of playoffs on Thursday. I'm missing the game because I'm having dinner with a friend- which I am greatly looking forward too. But I still wish I wasn't missing the game.


  1. I am almost stuck behind someone NOT going to the speed limit. It drives me so crazy!

  2. Oddly enough I have never found dress shopping to be fun, however I feel like guys think that is why we go out and do it. No it is really just becuase I need a dress. Good luck finding one!