Sunday 8 February 2015

Sunday Reading & Coffee

I always felt reading the Sunday newspaper and drinking coffee was a very grown up thing to do and something I should  be doing, so I did. While I no longer have a newspaper subscription, I still feel that a great Sunday includes coffee and reading.

With this concept, I decided each week- on Sunday- to share some of my favourite reads from the past week. So grab a cup of coffee (or your beverage of choice) and enjoy these reads.

I've known for awhile that drinking lemon water in the morning was good for you, but I didn't realize there were 7 Benefits Of Starting Your Day With Lemon Water.

Like so many others, I love to sleep!! This article, What Happens During Sleep?, shows why our bodies love sleep.

There is no denying we live in a Social Media World and that we are very dependent on technology. How Social Media Has Made Us Obsessed With Making Life Look Perfect is a reminder that a lot of life happens outside of social media.

Not much reading, but funny enough to share, Three Brothers Re-Created Old Photos To Make This Epic Calendar For Mom.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday...I don't have any real plans. I might meet a friend for lunch, depending on how she's feeling and the weather. Otherwise, I think I'll just read, blog and hang out around the apartment. Nothing exciting, but hopefully relaxing!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!!

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  1. Happy Sunday! I start my mornings with lemon water, I drink it through the day too. I'm off to read what happens when you sleep, I love reading things like that. Cheers!