Monday 2 February 2015

Inspire Me- Happening

What's the best way to start off the week? With a snow day!!!! We are supposed to get up to 35 cm of snow, plus high winds...none of that is fun, but it does result in a snow day, so yea!! You know the weather is pretty bad when schools- including universities- are closed...usually buses are cancelled but schools remain open.

I plan on spending the day in my pj's, drinking hot chocolate and not doing much. For everyone affected by this snow storm....stay safe and warm

I hope that everyone had a great weekend!! I had an extra, extra long weekend that was cut short. I only worked until 1pm on Thursday, had Friday off and was not supposed to be in the office until noon today. I was away from the weekend-the first time in a month- and I had to leave on Sunday because there was a snowstorm warning for Southern Ontario. I could've stayed put and risked being storm stayed- which would have been fine by me!!- but I need to be in the office for 8:30am on Tuesday and there was no guarantee that I would be able to make it safely back in time. So, I left Sunday morning instead of Monday morning. 
It was nice to get away for the weekend...lots of snow Thursday (after I arrived) and Friday, so I spent all of my time inside. I did a little bit of reading and a lot of DVD watching, but it was still enjoyable. 
Anyway, some inspiration for the week:
This is something I need to constantly tell myself. I have been working on something for the past four months- off and on. Things will be going well, and then it doesn't pan out. The 'not panning out' has happened 3 times. One time, it was so close to working out, I could taste it. Then...I don't know what happened (I have my suspicions)...but it wasn't the end result I wanted or expected. 

Just because it's not happening, doesn't mean it won't happen. I just means the timing isn't right or that there is something better waiting. I just need to keep trying. Every time it doesn't work, I just need to pick myself up and try again. 

It will eventually happen. I need to be patient, persistent and have faith. There is something better, it will work out. 

It might feel like it will never happen...but I know it will. 

There is something better for me. 

It WILL happen. 


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