Wednesday 11 February 2015

Thoughts On...Valentine's Day

Love is in the air...and so is bitterness, depending on your relationship status. Valentine's Day is on Saturday, which I am sure we are ALL aware of. 
Those who are in love or in love with love, are counting down the days until the most romantic day of the year. Those who are single are on the bitter train and complaining about this overrated, fake holiday. And some are sweating and panicking because they have yet to make plans for their sweetheart or fear what they have planned just isn't good enough. Or aren't ready to propose.

When I was in University, I had a friend who despised Valentine's Day because of all the commercialism and he made sure everyone knew it. When he found out that it was also my birthday, he decided to make an exception and set his hatred aside- he wanted me to always have a good birthday and to always have a Valentine. So, regardless of whether or not we were single or in relationships, every year he asked me to be his Valentine and every year I said yes.  On Valentine's Day, he would send me a picture of a human heart. That's how he/we celebrated.

I am personally not a fan of Valentine's Day because it overshadows my birthday; This is something I've ranted about in the past and will not be doing in this post (but you can find past year's thoughts here and here).
I think that there are a lot of people who like the concept of this day; showing the ones you love how much they mean to you, doing something to celebrate your love, spending time with the one you love. I echo the sentiments of others; all of these actions should not be limited to one day.

Honestly, I feel, having one day of the entire year dedicated to such things results in disappointment, unnecessary pressure and stress, and expensive gifts (do you know the mark up on flowers alone???). 
If we picked our own day to celebrate our love, I think it would be more meaningful and special. I've never had a good Valentine's Day (mainly because I'd rather celebrate my birthday), but when I think back on happier/meaningful/romantic times in my was getting flowers for no reason, buying my favourite chocolates (salted caramel, FYI) because he saw them when he was out, reservations at a restaurant on a Wednesday night because it's their slow night and it would be like we had the place to ourselves, opening a bottle of wine we were saving and enjoying it over mundane conversations... Those were some of the moments I felt the most loved, cared for and special. None of them happened on Valentine's Day.

Or you can fall to society's pressure and get swept up in all the traditional Valentine's Day hype...expensive flowers, expensive dinner at a hard to get into restaurant, an expensive gift, marriage proposal. So cliche, but very much expected and anticipated.

To all the singles, embrace this holiday! You can show love for your co-workers, family and friends. Send out those Valentine's from elementary school, offer everyone Hugs and Kisses (the chocolates), have a dance party- so much fun and stress free. Tons of ways to make this dreaded holiday a fun Saturday night. 
Self-love is also a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day. Book a spa day, read your favourite book or watch your favourite movie, binge on your favourite foods, spend the day in comfy clothes, soak in a bath, pamper and spoil yourself. 

However you decide to celebrate, or not celebrate, I hope you have a great Valentine's Day. Make it fun. Enjoy it. 
Love, after all, is in the air.

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