Thursday 12 February 2015

From The Archives: An Important Day...Thanks Mom & Dad

Happy Thursday!! I have a busy day, some excitement, and the last work day before an extra long weekend!! Looking forward to a few days away, some fun and hopefully good news!!

Some news I am trying not to think birthday is on Saturday. Spending it with family, but no real plans. I've been too busy and have had too much on my mind to think about what I want to do to celebrate. 

What I did want to do, was share this post from a couple of years ago, An Important Day...Thanks Mom & Dad.
While the entire post- as related to my parents- is still true, I wanted to share an excerpt:

My parents have stood by my side. They've cheered me on. They've supported me. They've laughed with me and celebrated with me. They've held me and comforted me while I cried. They gave me hope. They inspired me. 

They have kept me grounded and humbled, while making sure I had every advantage. 

I wasn't always nice to them or appreciative (hello teenage years), but I have always loved them. I'm thankful that my parents are, well, my parents. I appreciate them putting up with me, as well as everything they have ever done for me. 

I'm truly the luckiest girl in the world because of who my mom and dad are.

I honestly have the best parents, I am so lucky and blessed. They have help shape me into who I am and they have made sure I was always loved and cared for. No one could ask for- or even be- better parents.

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