Monday 18 June 2012

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We all know that water is good for us and that we should drink at least 8 glasses a day. With summer around the corner and the extra hot weather already here, we tend to drink even more water.

I used to be a bottled water girl...taking one with me everywhere I went. I was aware that those water bottles were not exactly the best for the environment, even though I did recycle the bottles when I was done, but I wanted to know I was drinking clean water.

About a year ago, I found out about Bobble.

Bobble water bottles are reuable water bottles with a filter in them. Each filter can be used for about 300 uses before needing to be replaced. The large (34oz) is only $13 and replacment filters are $7...what great prices! These water bottles are BPA and PVC free, reusable and so much more environmentally friendly!

I have been unable to find Bobble in Canada, but my dad was at a conference a few weeks ago and one of the vendors was giving these water bottles away as a prize. My dad gave me his-knowing I've been looking for one for ages (and yes, I could have just ordered online)- and I now take it with me everywhere I go and use it all the time.

This weeks idea is to invest in a reuseable water bottle. With long summer days ahead and being aware of the environment, this is a grat investment! There are so many different kinds of reusable water bottles on the market, with and without filters, that you should have no problem finding one that fits your lifestyle!

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