Wednesday 20 June 2012

Book, Song, Body

BOOK-As everyone knows, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Diamond Jubilee earlier this month. While all the focus was on the Queen (as it should be) and Jubilee activities, I decided to read:

I have always know very little about Princess Margaret but what I did know, fascinated me. I had been wanting to read this book for awhile, but had been unable to locate a copy. It eventually became available on Kindle, so I bought it a few months back and finally got around to reading it. 

Princess Margaret, to me, was a bit of a rebel royal. She was her own person and seemed to do what she please, not to mention she was incredibly glamourous. It seemed to me that despite her royal upbringing and obligations, she was exciting. Princess Margaret paved the way for Princess Diana and Kate...making royals like 'celebrities'.

Prior to reading this book, I was aware of Princess Margaret's more...interesting... life stories- The whole Townsend affair, her time on Mystique, etc. And I really wanted to know more about these aspects of her life. Yes, I was interested in the 'gossip' if you will. 

This is an authorized biography and the author was a friend of the Princess, which means that the details in the book are accurate (which I appreciate!) but as a friend, he was respectful of the Princess. Meaning, nothing new was brought to light and I felt that a lot was held back. 

While the book did lead a bit to be desired, I did enjoy reading it. But like I said, I've always been fascinated by the Princess. I did enjoy reading about her childhood and younger years, getting lost in the romance with Peter Townsend and was surprised at how religious she was. 

This book won't be for everybody, but I recommend to fans of the Royal Family especially if they aren't familiar with Princess Margaret.

SONG-I am a fan of the podcast Cabbie Presents and a few weeks ago Jarret Stoll (who recently won the Stanley Cup with the L.A. Kings!) was a guest. Him and Cabbie were talking about songs of summer- Cabbie had some list and he was asking Jarret if they were on his ipod. 

One of the songs was:

Whistle by Flo Rida

Prior to the podcast, I had never heard of this song. And while I'm hesitant to admit this...because Jarret Stoll said it was on his ipod, I made it my mission to track this song down and listen to it. I loved it and can tell why it is in the running for being one of the Songs of Summer.

BODY- We are all aware that summer is here and summer means tank tops! I saw this on Pinterest and had to share!

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  1. I loved that book! I read it during the Jubilee too!