Wednesday 6 June 2012

Book, Song, Body

BOOK-I had heard a bit about Southern Charm by Tinsley Mortimer and on a whim, I decided to buy a copy.

The plot was pretty standard for a chick lit novel. Small town girl leaves for NYC, she lands a 'glamorous' job, makes new friends, falls in love, gets hurt and ends up with a guy. In this case, Minty moves from Charleston, SC to NYC, where her sorority sister helps her land a job in PR. Her boss is tough to deal with, but she manages. Minty also ends up being photographed at an event, combined with her new boyfriend, and Minty becomes the new 'It' girl and a gossip column staple. The boyfriend is someone she 'dated' as a teenager and happens to run into in NYC. The gossip eventually gets to Minty, so she returns to SC to recoup and heads back to NYC, where things just fall back into place for her.

While reading the book, I found it to remind me of a book(s) that I had previously read, but I couldn't pinpoint which exactly. Regardless of the familiarity of the story, I did enjoy the book and was surprised how lost I became in the book, losing track of time and finishing the book within days.

I am a fan of chick lit, so I did enjoy this book and recommend this book to anyone who likes this genre or is looking for the prefect, light beach/poolside read.

SONG-Today, the commencement at my alma mater was held. I couldn't help but reflect on my own memories from grad and I recalled a song that had significant meaning at the time:

I Feel Home by O.A.R.

BODY-My all time must have hair product is:

I love, LOVE, Surf Hair by Garnier. I have naturally curly hair and the humidity of summer makes it hard to tame my hair and it make it look like anything besides a big ball of frizzy (this actually applies to all year and not just the summer). My sister, who has straight hair, uses this product as well.

A few summers ago, I read about this product in a magazine (Town & Country, I believe) and decided to give it a try. By far, one of the best things I've ever done! While my hair is wet, I put the product in my hair and go, letting my hair air dry. I end up with either loose beachy waves or tamed curls- depending on my hair that day. Either way, it's an easy wash and go style to pull off and the frizzy is gone! I actually bring this product to the beach/pool with me, so that after I get out of the water I can put some in my hair and not worry about how my hair will look. 

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