Friday 8 June 2012

Favourite Thing- Beach Day

Traditionally, at least in the area that I grew up, the first Friday of June was Beach Day! While this was NOT a school sanctioned event the majority of the students at my high school as well as the rest of the high schools in the area would skip school to go to the beach. Growing up near one of the Great Lakes (the furthest high school was maybe 20 minutes away) we had a lot of beach to use!

To me, and I just realized this last week when talking to my sister about her own Beach Day, that Beach Day signifies to me one of the greatest, iconic moments of high school/teenage life.

Yes, you should be in school but instead you and your friends all take the day off and head to the beach to be joined by thousands of other students. Beach sports (volleyball, frisbee, etc), sunshine, music, laughter, picnic or BBQ meals, meeting new people, creating memories with friends... This is such a fun, carefree time.

In Ontario, our school year goes until the end of June. Placing Beach Day close enough to the end of the year that the really hard lesson plans have already happened but leaving enough time that you can still catch up on what you've missed. And with final exams a couple of weeks away, it's the chance to blow off steam before settling down to study.

Technically, Beach Day was last Friday, but due to it raining all day, it was rescheduled for today.

For high school seniors, this is one of your last chances to do something really fun with your friends, making life long memories, prior to graduation. I highly doubt there will be another time where you and thousands of your peers or a specific demographic will be at the beach together.So enjoy it and remember...

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