Wednesday 19 December 2018

Posts of Christmas Past

The Christmas season is one of my favourites, and I love creating holiday content. Due to some life situations this year, I didn't have the chance to create any original content, but I did want to share some Christmas content. Below you will find links to some of my past Christmas posts. Enjoy!

  • Christmas Cookies- You will find some of my favourite Christmas cookies, with links to recipes. 
  • Politically Correct Christmas Carols- One of my favourite humour pieces related to the holidays- and content I seem to share every year. Also, with the whole Baby It's Cold Outside being banned from (some) radio stations this year...
  • Holiday Eating Tips- Going waaaaaaay back into the archives for this funny post that offers great "advice" for eating during the holidays.
  • Five Christmas Songs and Christmas Playlist- Some of my all time favourite Christmas songs, and songs I have on repeat this time of year. 
  • Christmas Movies- This list is from 2016, but these are still movies I watch, and love, every year. 
  • Christmas Party Ideas- I love a good party, and these ideas are great for the days leading up to and following Christmas. 
  • The Night Before Christmas- A personal post about my childhood Christmas Eves' spent with cousins and Santa.

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