Thursday 27 December 2018

A Year In Review- 2018

I feel like 2018 flew by...everything just happened so quickly, and I spent a lot of the year feeling like I wasn't able to enjoy things- life was too busy, time was moving too quickly. I feel like there were things I wanted to do in 2018 that I never even had the chance to think about, never mind actually do. for the most part, 2018 was a good year. Things turned sour at the end of October, but let's not get into THAT right now. Let's focus on the good!

There was a lot of good this was a happy year, mostly, with a lot of highs!

I started the year off by having a Girls Night in January with some great friends, where we went out for dinner and then to see Pitch Perfect 3 (better than Pitch Perfect 2, not as good as the original). This movie outing set the pace for the year- I saw four movies in theatres (Pitch Perfect 3, Game Night, Ocean's 8, and Crazy Rich Asians), when I usually see one movie every four years. 

February is not only my birthday month- where I had a great day of relaxing before heading out for a night of fun with friends- but I had the opportunity to go to a live recording of Grown Ups Read Things They Wrote As Kids. This is hands down my favourite podcast, it is hilarious! It was so fun to see the podcast live...just as funny in person!

In March I had a day off, and went to have a reading with a psychic medium, Kelly. Kelly is actually a friend of mine and she has been reading me for years. Readings with Kelly are always fun, insightful, and accurate. During this reading, she shared with me symbols that a friend of mine would show me, and that when I see these symbols it means he is with me. He has shown up multiple times through his symbols. She also told me something that would happen in June, which it did and was one of the best things to happen to me this year.

April I was hosted by Ottawa Tourism and got to spend a couple of days in Ottawa. I had the opportunity to stay at Arc The Hotel, which is a trendy boutique property that I highly recommend! Arc and Tourism were so good to me! It was a work event, so I spent the day in meetings, but I also had the chance to walk around Ottawa. My walks weren't anywhere specific, but it was great to spend some time just wandering around. 

All year I had been looking forward to May and June! May was a BUSY month...there was a lot going on, but this was the month that I would be taking a week off-the first time in four years! This was also a trip I had been looking forward to for about a year. At the end of May and beginning of June I traveled to PEI and Nova Scotia. This was the first time that I was traveling to Eastern Canada. I LOVED the time I spent out East. I had a fantastic time exploring and experiencing Charlottetown. I spent my time in Nova Scotia in Halifax, with day trips to Peggy's Cove and Lunenberg. This trip lived up to my expectations and I can't wait to visit both provinces again!

Also in June something that Kelly said would happen did. It has been such a blessing in my life, I am so grateful and can honestly say my life changed for the better. Years of patience has rewarded me with something that went beyond my expectations. 

End of July and the beginning of August was the Canoe Polo World Championships. I had the opportunity to accompany my father to the Opening Ceremonies, the Welcome Reception, and the closing Gala- all were once in a lifetime experiences and a ton of fun. I also had the opportunity to attend a number of games. Canoe Polo is my new favourite sport! It is such a fast pace, exciting game! 

September provided another once in a lifetime experience. I was hosted by Peterborough Economic Development and invited to a dinner held IN the Canadian Canoe in the middle of the building surrounded by exhibits in the Museum! We also got a mini experiential tour, had the chance to try paddle carving, and got to make (and keep) our own soapstone carving! It was truly an amazing experience and still smile thinking about how great it was! 

For October it is hard to pick a dad was re-elected with a resounding majority, about 80% of the vote. I had the opportunity to stay at the historic Lord Elgin hotel in Ottawa. I had a conversation with Graham...the conversation came after a negative situation that made me question some things. Graham made a comment that made me see things differently, he provided some food for thought, and he reminded me that I deserve to be valued.

My first reaction is to just skip over November because it was such a disappointing month for me. While A LOT of terrible things happened, it was these things that ultimately led to me feeling free and no longer having to associate with a group of negative, unethical people. You are who you associate with, and I don't want to associate with them. Everything happens for a reason. The highlight of this month was sitting front row at a Royal Wood concert with one of my best friends. We had a great time together. I hadn't seen Royal in concert in just over a year...I forgot what an amazing entertainer he was! Musically, he is insanely talented, but he is also a lot of fun to watch live. 

Finally we are at December. December has been a month full of spending time with the people I love the most. Being reminded of how much value I added and how much I deserve to be valued. It has been a month filled with refocusing my energies and refocusing on my priorities. This has been a month full of promise, new opportunities. I have felt so appreciated, loved, and supported this month. 

2018 has been a good year...going back and thinking about everything that has happened each month, picking a highlight, has reminded me of all the good. End of October and November were miserable, but they also had good points. 

I'm looking forward to 2019 and seeing what the year has in store!!

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