Monday 14 December 2015

Christmas Cookies

For years and years, my grandmother and I would bake cookies (and in later years, cheesecake) during the holidays, to be shared with our family and friends. The holidays are the only time my grandmother bakes- coincidentally, it's the only time (outside of super special occasions) that I bake too. 
I think the best cookies for Christmas are sugar cookies!! They are so easy to make and super easy to turn into festive holiday cookies. Sugar cookies, are essentially, a blank slate. They taste like "cookies", meaning they don't have an additional flavour like the rest of the cookies listed in this post. You can easily use different cookie cutters to make holiday shapes (Christmas trees, snowmen, wreaths, etc). Icing and/or coloured sugar can be used to decorate the cookies to make them more festive.

One of the cookies my grandma and I make- and a family favourite- are peanut butter balls.We actually leave the peanutbutter balls in the fridge overnight before dipping them in chocolate. These cookies are by far the most time consuming cookies on this list, but are so worth it!!

The cookie that most people associate with Christmas, in my opinion, are gingerbread!! I have never made gingerbread cookies. A couple of years ago, one of my sorority sisters made gingerbread cookies..she had tried a new recipe and was unsure how they'd turn out, because the recipe had called for could taste the salt, but that's what made them so good!!

Another cookie my grandma and I make, and my personal favourite, is shortbread. We use the classic recipe, which is super easy and super tasty. There is a bit of debate in my family as to which of my grandmother's cookies- peanut butter balls or shortbread- are the best.

None of the cookies listed above are personal recipes, but links lead to recipes that are very similar, if not identical, to the ones I use (with the exception of the gingerbread, since I've never made it). 

Hope everyone has a fantastic Monday!!

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