Thursday 31 December 2015

Farewell 2015

Dear 2015,

Despite our rocky start- lingers of 2014- we had a great year, we were good to each other. We both know that the first 2.5 months was horrible, unbearable, abusive, toxic. I really got beat up. But you stuck with me. We had a little bit of downtime in March, but you showed me that there were opportunities and that you had better things in store for me. 
2015, you showed me how much I was cared for. I was constantly surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones. Even when things were else than ideal, you had my surrounded by love. The downside to this year was having to put distance between me and my sorority sisters. I would never ask them to pick sides, so I took a step back. I miss them... but at the same time, it helped me strengthen my relationship with others. 
You brought me new friends; Cassandra, the Pod Pals, Pals of the Pod. You also brought old friends back into my life. It was a full social life this year, lots of laughs...with plans to continue into the next year.
One of the biggest gifts you gave me 2015, was the organization I work for. You led me to this opportunity, one that I was hesitant about, but you carefully nudged me towards it. Not only do I have a job, a career, that i love and that challenges, enables me to learn and grown, but I have a supervisor that's invested in me and my success. I work for an organization that is my biggest cheerleader and is constantly setting me up to succeed. Not only are they standing behind me when I succeed, but they are there to celebrate with me too. I am never alone. I belong. From this, so many other great things have come.
2015, you saw me pull off the biggest event of my career- which will likely never be topped. 1600 people across 10 sites in Ontario, one site in Saskatchewan and one site in Guatemala. I had a fantastic team around me and it went off without a hitch. I'm still riding a high from that.

You were a fun year 2015. The Charity Gala aka Prom 2.0- with my original prom date!! Pan Am Games- including the Opening Ceremony where I met Jason Priestly!! Parades, events, VIP...all the perks of being a political daughter. Being invited to the swearing in of our federal government. Cards Against Humanity nights, Haunted houses, dinner and drinks with friends. Lots of memories and lots of once in a lifetime opportunities. 

There were a lot of dates this year; some good. Some not so good. Besides my change in employment, the greatest thing that happened to me this year was N. He made me happy. Dinners on the patio, salsa dancing, being wrapped in his arms as we talked. Everything with him was perfect. I was so comfortable with him. He was what was missing in my life. He showed me I could be happiest memories are with him. 

At the beginning of our relationship 2015, I declared that Happy would be our word. For 2.5 months, we weren't happy. But that quickly changed, half way through the year, I was beyond happy. And on the eve of our relationship ending, I still am happy. You brought me so much happiness, 2015. 

2015, the other part of our relationship, my resolution, was to connect with friends. I was really good at documenting this aspect of our relationship until August, and than stopped. I am happy to report, with the exception of November, I was able to fulfill this resolution. I connected with so many people and really built on my friendships. it was time consuming and a lot of effort, but very much worth it.
I know in my heart of hearts, no matter how much I love and value you 2015, you are only a matter of hours from leaving me. As much as I don't want to see you go, or let you go, I know that I have too. You are slowly slipping away from me. I will never forget you, all that you did for me, all that you gave to me. 

We both know, that once you leave me, I am going to get into a new relationship, with 2016. 2016 will not replace you 2015, nor will 2016 make me forget you or make you less important to me. It's just that if you are going to move on, I should too. 

Thank you for everything 2015. You truly blessed me, enriched my life, made me a better person, and gave me so much happiness. 

You have my heart, 2015, forever.

Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book.
Write a good one. - Brad Paisley

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  1. I love how our friendship is growing each year. Happy New Year