Monday 12 January 2015

Inspire Me- How To Be Happy

Happy Monday!! I had a fantastic weekend!! It was the first weekend in months that I spent in my apartment, instead of traveling to either my hometown or my second home. I love my apartment, but very little time here. 

Saturday was spent doing some stuff on my blog during the day and watching Netflix at night. It was relaxing and productive. Sunday, I met a friend for coffee and some downtown window shopping- she introduced me to the most amazing furniture and home decor store- and then I met another friend/former co-worker for a late lunch, followed by a nice visit at my apartment. It was great to spend time with both of these ladies...two good friends of mine, and two friends that I haven't seen in months!

But alas, the weekend is over and I have a BUSY week ahead of me! As always, some inspiration for the week:

My word for 2015 is happy. I'm making a real effort to focus on happy...being happy and having happy in my life. So far, so good. I'm generally a positive and happy person- even if people think I'm too busy to be happy (true story, someone actually said that to me). 

I do believe that our mood are a mind frame. If you decide you are miserable, you'll be in a miserable mood. If you decide you are happy, you will be in a happy mood. I frequently tell myself that I am happy, even if I hit some bumps in the road and I really just want to be discouraged or frustrated, I tell myself I am happy and start to think of happy thoughts. It really does take some effort and you have to be able to realize when you are not in a good mood.

This rule for how to be happy, is a good one; decide that you are in a good mood. I've decided that I'm happy and every morning I tell myself that 'today is going to be a great day!'