Thursday 22 January 2015

Fab Fit Fun- Winter 2014 Review

Subscriptions boxes are pretty trendy right now and there seems to be a subscription for everything. I think the appeal of subscription boxes are two fold; 1. who doesn't love getting something in the mail that isn't a bill and 2. they are a kind of throw back to care packages. 

When I was in university- which really wasn't that long ago- I would fill small boxes with things I loved or I thought my friends would love, and would send them to friends. It wasn't a subscription, but the concept was the same. I was a fan of the now defunct My Dream Sample Box, loved ipsy for two years before cancelling my subscription and currently subscribe to Topbox.  I had recently heard about Fab Fit Fun and decided that I would give it a try.
Fab Fit Fun is a seasonal box that is $49.99 a quarter or $179.99 a year. I bulked a little bit at the price tag, but the value of the boxes are said to be a $300 value and full size products. Also liked that Fab Fit Fun is not just a beauty box, they send a variety of products. They also include a card with product information and price, which I like.

So, what did I get?

Zumba Move 60 minute DVD & $25 gift card- This would be the 'fit' portion of the box. I love Zumba and am excited to get this DVD. I'm not sure if I'll use the gift card.
Value: $55

Fashion Project $30 gift card- Again, not sure if I'll use the gift card...Fashion Project sells pre-loved fashion items, with a portion of the sale price going to charity. I like the concept. 
Value: $18 (it's a $30 gift card, so I'm not sure why Fab Fit Fun lists the value as $18...?)

Half United Fighting Hunger Necklace- Designed from three bullet casings, this necklace is a fight against hunger. Each necklace sold supports feeding children in need.
Value: $34

Salted 3 month membership- I had never heard of Salted, which is "Netflix for cooking" or online tutorials for cooking. Great concept...but I'm not much of a cook and this membership will be wasted on me- both my lack of cooking and my lack of time to use it- so I think I'm going to gift it to a friend of mine. 
Value: $29.97

Justin's Almond Butter (sponsored)- I am actually a fan of this product and have used it before. It's just a sampler package, but it is marked as a 'sponsored' product.
Value: $0.63
Organic Valley Organic Balance Milk Protein Shake (sponsored)- I've heard of Organic Valley but never tried any of their products. The flavour is vanilla bean, so hopefully it'll be good. 
Value: $2.99
Daniel Stone COCO Candle- This candle uses coconut wax, which makes it 'healthier' (no toxins released when the candle burns) and a 'sustainable wax'. I have yet to burn this candle, but it does smell good! I think it'll be the perfect edition to the table in my living room.
Value: $42

yourMinerals Assorted Eye Shadow Duo- Mineral eye shadow seems to be in every beauty box recently. To me, the main difference between this eye shadow and eye shadow in other boxes, I will actually wear these ones!! No bright blue or green here! The colours I received Swedish Winter (a pearly white, perfect for highlighting) and Brown Hypnotic.
Value: $44

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive- "Spa quality"  exfoliation and a brighter complexion, reduced fine lines and wrinkles. This product has a faint smell of green apple, which is nice. I love products like this and I'm looking forward to trying it!

Lather AHA Hand Cream with Evening Primrose- To me, hand cream is hand cream. It was different to get a jar of hand cream instead of a tube, so there's lots of product. I found it to be a bit greasy and didn't do much for my super dry skin. It does smell really good though. 
Value: $30.00
Passport To Beauty Tibetan Goji Berry Intense Anti-Aging Eye Serum With Retinol- The smell isn't ideal, but it's not too strong- thankfully! The product claims to eliminate fine lines, wrinkles and stimulate collagen. It did leave my super dry skin feeling hydrated, which was nice. 
Value: $88

Special K Snack Bar (sponsored)- Another sponsored product...Salted pretzel chocolate flavour, which sounds delicious! Something I'll bring to work to keep in my desk for when I need a snack. I've never tried this flavour, but I do like Special K bars.
Value: $0.44

Total Value: $383.59 (not including sponsored items)

The value of this box is amazing!!! I got 9-12 products (depending if you count the sponsored items) and they are all high end products. Even if I don't use everything, which I won't, the value is still well beyond the $49.99 (USD), plus exchange and shipping...well worth it! I had originally planned to get one box and cancel my subscription, but I was so impressed that I actually went from a quarterly to a yearly subscription. I can't wait for the next box!!
Note: Before I even received this box, I got an email from Fab Fit Fun saying that one of the product codes wouldn't work in Canada and that another company didn't ship to Canada. In the same email, they included a code just for Canadians and said that we could have our order shipped to them and they would forward it to us. What GREAT customer service!

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